Coyote Ultimate Lanyard Collection


Finally, one lanyard does it all! As simply a whistle lanyard, a Coyote Ultimate Lanyard™ is like any fine piece of equipment – it complements and adds to the enjoyment of a training session, upland hunt or field trial; however, it is in the duck blind or goose pit that the Coyote truly shines. Duck and goose calls conveniently snap on and off as needed, plus the Coyote is designed to keep calls and whistles separated. Our innovate design makes choosing your whistle or particular call so much simpler – no more tangles.

Waterfowl, Upland, Varmit and Leg Band Collector’s Editions

All Coyote lanyards are crafted the old-fashioned way…the finest oil-tanned or latigo leathers are hand stitched, braided and assembled using appointments from the world’s foremost wildlife silversmith. Each lanyard has one primary piece of silver and two accent pieces. The most popular waterfowl lanyards include either a retriever with mallard, a goose, a wood duck, or a mallard head as the primary appointment, and flying mallards, flying pintails or pewter 12-gauge shot shells as the accent pieces. The Coyote Ultimate Lanyard™ is an elegant and very practical piece of gear.


Made in the USA.

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Need Something Extra?

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Sterling Silver Lanyard Accents

Popular Lanyard Accents

Waterfowl Selections – 12 gauge shot shells (pewter only), flying pintails, flying mallards, labrador with mallard, mallard head, goose, wood duck.

Upland Lanyard Accents

Upland Selections – 20 gauge shot shells (in pewter only), quail/grouse, pheasant/grouse, woodcock/grouse, quail, pheasant, grouse.

Coyote Ultimate Lanyards