Handmade leather hunting accessories for the discriminating hunter.

Coyote Company Leather designs unique hunting equipment that delivers excellence, distinction and workmanship for the avid outdoorsman and, more importantly, enhances performance in the field.


Coyote Company Leather, established in 1996, began as a hobby for its founder, Don Otey. Don has been an avid hunter and dog trainer for over 45 years and like most hunters, he had always used one lanyard for his whistles and other lanyards for his duck and goose calls. Used individually these lanyards worked fine. However, when used together, they became hopelessly tangled. The Coyote Ultimate Lanyard™ - the first real innovation in lanyard design since hunters began hanging cords and whistles around their necks - was born from this frustrating environment.

Coyote Company Leather is proudly Made in America. We purchase only the finest American hides from premium U.S. tanneries. Every stitch in our leatherwork is hand-crafted here at home in the grand tradition that is Texas. We choose to help keep this country strong by supporting American businesses -- we sincerely appreciate your continued support. Enjoy!

Heirloom Quality at Affordable Prices

Every Coyote Company Leather product is created with the highest quality features, heavy duty hardware, and professional craftmanship you’d find in the highest end products but are created for and priced at the budget for every day sportsmen. From our trademark lanyards to the simplest o-ring every detail is created to work well in the field and provide a lifetime of use. Your Coyote Company Leather goods will be working for your grand children some day as good as they do for you today.

Solid Brass Fittings

Heavy duty, solid brass hardware built to withstand a lifetime of every day use.

Built to Last

Rolled and braided double layer leads and handles withstand the heaviest use without compromise.

Attention to Detail

Rolled edges and flat braids for all day comfort, proper fit and zero tangles while working in the field.

Heavy Duty Stitching

Custom patterns, waxed edges and heavy duty reinforced stitching guarantee exceptional quality in every product.

Sterling Accents

Custom made, meticulously detailed, real silver accents provide an elegant touch.

American Latigo

Premium grade American latigo leather, hand rubbed and dyed from premium U.S. tanneries used in all Coyote Company Leather products.

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