Coyote Pro Trainer Belt

Coyote Pro Trainer Belt


From a check cord to live birds for planting, your Coyote Pro Trainer Belt carries afield everything needed for a serious training session.

The Coyote Pro Trainer Belt comes standard with the following accessories:

Utility Pouch (without choke tubes) (forest green)
Snap-Bolt Attachment
Check Cord
O-Ring Attachment
Water Bottle Holster (green)

And your choice of:

Bumper Bag ( For Retriever Training ) (forest green)
Live Bird Bag ( For Upland Training ) (forest green only) spring loaded top prevents birds escaping. Holds 1 pheasant or 3 pigeons or 4-5 quail.

Optional Equipment sold separately:

Large Live Bird Bag ( For Upland Training with larger or more birds ) (blaze orange only)

All accessories snap-on and snap-off, insert into the special slots in the belt and conveniently remain where the shooter places them. As with all Pro-Series belts, additional accessories are available to customize to your specific needs. All bags and pouches for all belts are heavy duty, guaranteed waterproof/blood proof vinyl coated polyester for ease in cleaning and keeping the trainer/hunter dry. All Coyote Transmitter holsters fit on all hunting and training belts.


If you do not own a Pro Trainer or Pro Hunter belt, the bumper bag and live bird bags will not function properly on a standard belt.

NOTE: In making your belt size selection, please keep the following in mind…. Each Coyote Pro-Belt is designed to be worn at the waist, over the clothes. If you tend to wear your day-to-day belt more at the hips, you will need to get a true waist (i.e., navel) measurement, making sure that the length selected provides for over-the-clothes wear.

Those who wear the medium belt size at the shorter end of the range may find including all attachments to be a bit crowded due to the size of some attachments.

Trainer Bag Type

Live Bird Bag (Upland) – Forest Green only, Bumper Bag (Retriever) Forest Green

Water Bottle Holder Color

Forest Green

Utility Pouch Color

Forest Green


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