Tritronics G2, G3 or Garmin Pro Transmitter Holster


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The Coyote Tritronics G2, G3 or Garmin Pro Transmitter Holster (E-Collar Holsters for dog training) are ergonomically designed top-grain leather transmitter holsters that allow the user to simply point, stimulate, and drop. Perfect for any field work or trial conditions for your dogs. Shifts the weight and clutter from around your neck or hanging from your chest to your belt and hips where you don’t feel it. Two strap settings: one with more freedom for training and the second for a closer fit when hunting.

All Coyote Transmitter holsters fit on all hunting and training belts.

Fits the Garmin PRO 70, PRO 550, and PRO Trashbreaker. Also fits all Tri-Tronics G3, G2, and G2 EXP Field and Pro Systems:

Classic 70 G3
Field 90 G3
Flyway G3
Upland Special G3
Pro 100 G3
Pro 200 G3
Pro 500 G3
Trashbreaker G3
Classic 70 G2
Field 90 G2
Flyway Special G2
Upland Special G2
Pro 100 G2
Pro 200 G2
Pro 500 G2
Trashbreaker G2
Classic 70 G2 EXP
Field 90 G2 EXP
Flyway Special G2 EXP
Upland Special G2 EXP
Pro 100 G2 EXP
Pro 200 G2 EXP
Pro 500 G2 EXP
Trashbreaker G2 EXP