Leather Gun Caddy

Leather Gun Caddy


The Coyote leather gun caddy allows hunters to carry either a shotgun or a rifle at the ready mount position. The gun’s weight is born on the hips rather than the arms and shoulders, while the wrist remains in a natural position, thus increasing the hunter’s endurance and accuracy while assuring less fatigue.  Our gun caddy provides a faster, more instinctive style of shooting that puts you on the bird faster at a more killable range. Translation:  MORE BIRDS IN THE BAG!

FOR SAFETY the Coyote gun caddy keeps the barrel pointed skyward and away from the dogs or other hunting and shooting companions – a “must have” for new and young shooters.

A Coyote Corporate Gift Special — add your corporate logo! The Coyote Leather Gun Caddy makes for an excellent gift. Contact us to provide your corporate logo and for special pricing for adding the logo.

NOTE: While this hand-made accessory is designed for use with any of the belts in the Coyote Pro belt series, it can be attached to and used with any belt.

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