Coyote Band Iron Collectors Lanyard

Coyote Band Iron Collectors Lanyard


Braggin’ rights, indeed! The Coyote goose band and duck band iron collectors lanyard features an innovative design for those who collect and display their waterfowl and game bird bands like jewelry. The 3/4″ wide lanyard strap is hand cut with double rows on each side to hold the collected leg bands, and is finished with pewter 12-gauge shot shell accents, one on each side. Simply open and insert the band through the cut and tighten. Stays put and displays beautifully.

Like the Coyote Ultimate Lanyard for waterfowl, this lanyard is a whistle lanyard that allows you to snap on as many calls as needed. Display all of your duck bands, goose bands and leg bands easily and with pride.

Ships with four single call holders. Double call holders for expensive two-piece calls also available. Whistle (and bands) not included.

Neck loop is approx. 37″.

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