Woven Leather Snap Lead – 5′

Woven Leather Snap Lead – 5′


A leash is for control, and this unique, heavy-duty woven leather snap lead puts you in complete control no matter where you hold it. Regardless of size, your dog will know it too.

Coyote 2′ Woven Lead (Traffic Lead) –  Keeps your dog in heads up  with good  behavior and control at all times.

Coyote 5’ Woven Lead – As with any lead or leash, this provides ample room for the handler to maneuver or allow reasonable room to roam. Unlike a flat leash, this woven pattern provides superior grip no matter where you have your hands on it.

Handcrafted from two strips of the finest latigo leather, this lead ages beautifully with unsurpassed durability.  Features solid brass hardware.

Measures approx. 3/4″ wide at the handle.  Available in two lengths, 2′ and 5′. Our 2′ traffic lead is ideal for those occasions when you need to keep your dog close, while our 5′ leash provides ample room to roam while still providing you complete control.

NOTE:  All our products are handmade with leather and fabrics that become more pliable through use and time.  As such, measurements are approximate.  We use only the finest American hides from premium U.S. tanneries, but there may be slight variations in the leather, one product to the next.  These variations enhance the individual character of each Coyote Company Leather product, and are not to be considered flaws or defects.

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