Coyote Upland Deluxe Lanyard

Coyote Upland Deluxe Lanyard


Coyote Upland Deluxe Lanyard is part of the one-lanyard system and tailored to the rigors of upland hunting. Identical to the Coyote Ultimate Waterfowl Lanyard in design, our leather Coyote Upland Deluxe Lanyard holds and separates whistles from bird calls and flush counters.  Calls conveniently snap on and off, while keeping them all separate and tangle free. Popular silver appointments include a pheasant, quail, grouse, woodcock and pewter 20-gauge shot shells.

All Coyote hunting lanyards are designed to accommodate multiple calls. Each lanyard comes with 4 single call holders and double call holders are available. Whistles not included.

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