Woven Leather Two Dog Leash Coupler

Woven Leather Two Dog Leash Coupler


The Coyote 4-in-1 Woven Leather Two Dog Leash Coupler combo walks two dogs side by side, avoiding the tangled leash dance. Crafted with heavy-duty, braided latigo leather, it can withstand the weight and pull of the mightiest pair. The two dog leash converts easily to a single 5-foot dog leash by removing one coupler, or remove both and use it as a slip lead for even greater control at heel. Designed to work with snap-on collars, for use as a slip lead, or use the heavy brass snap-on coupler attachment for attaching to the Coyote Pro-Trainer Belt using the O-ring attachment for hands-free operation.  Features solid brass hardware.

Use as:

  • Two Dog Leash
  • One Dog Leash
  • Slip Lead
  • Healing Lead

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