Coyote Pro Belt Series

Pro Trainer Belt


The Coyote Pro Belt keeps everything you need for hunting or training organized, secure and within easy reach. The Pro Belt Series come standard with accessories the serious dog trainer and hunter requires and is fully adjustable to fit you and your training or hunting style.  For unsurpassed support, the Coyote Pro Belt is constructed around a heavy-duty 2¼” chestnut English bridle leather belt with a unique anchoring system that keeps needed accessories where you need them, or you can change or remove them entirely, as needed. No other belt allows this flexibility.

Why Wear a Coyote Pro Belt?

Unlike a shooting or hunting vest, the Coyote Pro Belt distributes the weight on your hips rather than your neck and shoulders. This not only increases your endurance but translates into faster and more instinctive gun handling — more birds in the bag!

All accessories snap-on and snap-off and conveniently remain where the shooter places them. All bags and pouches for all belts are heavy duty guaranteed waterproof/blood proof vinyl coated polyester for ease in cleaning and keeping the trainer/hunter dry.

“A place for everything and everything in its place!”

Hunter, Trainer, and Skeet/Sporting Clays Editions

All Coyote Pro Belts come with standard accessories tailored to specific uses. Once you’ve purchased a Coyote Pro Belt, additional accessories are available to make your belt uniquely yours.

Coyote Pro Belt Accessories

All Coyote Pro Belt Accessories are made specifically for use on our belt and may not work as expected on standard belts, especially larger bags. Please keep this in mind if you do not own a Coyote Pro Belt.

Made in the USA.

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