Leather Business Portfolio Document / iPad / Laptop Holder

Leather Business Portfolio Document / iPad / Laptop Holder


Made from a rich  6 -7 ounce latigo leather, the Coyote leather business portfolio document holder is distinctively styled for both uptown and downtown use. Perfect for every business situation, this folio is completely encircled by an authentic safety collar, with a buckle strap on the front and an O-ring decorative connector on the back.  The inner edges are scored with a series of shallow V grooves to provide natural round edges that are flexible in the fold — your portfolio can accommodate a laptop, iPad, or a growing stack of documents.

Available in two sizes, this case is made with a hearty 3mm leather hide that is sturdy enough to withstand a lifetime of use.

Features solid brass hardware.  Outer measurements (regular size): 12-3/4″ long and 9-1/2″ wide.  Weight approx. 1-1/2 lbs.  Regular size shown in photos; also available in large (outer length approx. 15-1/4″).


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